Fish Air flow Essay

Venting and Fresh air Consumption in Fish

Sally Ming

Biography 102- PR# 2



Goldfish (Carassius Autarus), when exposed to warm temperatures will have a higher rate of ventilation when compared with those revealed in frigid environment. In a class research, we noticed and registered the effects of temperature of the water at [25 C] warm and [15 C] cold on fresh air and consumption rates in goldfish. For starters hour at 15min intervals we observed differences in the two ventilation and consumption rates in which, in warmer temperatures were higher, while in colder establishing there was a decreased. These studies suggest that temperature plays an important role on both oxygen consumption and ventilation rates in this species of fish. Temperatures is one of many factors proven to affect metabolic rates.


The survival of most animals takes a process by which oxygen is usually acquired and carbon dioxide is definitely eliminated through the body. Air is essential intended for the production of ATP via nutrients in cells and thus must be sent to cells in sufficient portions. Diffusion happens when surroundings or normal water is used from the environment by pets spreading coming from a region an excellent source of concentration into a region of low attention. However , in larger size animals durchmischung is not very efficient, and so most pets have developed respiratory system organs that can be utilized for air flow purposes. Fresh air is the method in which air or drinking water containing o2 can be attracted on. A great attachment towards the respiratory organs called the circulatory program, delivers oxygen and other nutrition throughout the entire body. Since the space between the respiratory system surface and circulatory system are in such close proximity, diffusion is sufficient in providing the required amounts of o2 needed. (Model, J., C. Hood, Elizabeth. Kuck and B. Ruiz, 1971)

Inside the class try things out we applied a goldfish, an animal that lives in drinking water and has only limited amount of oxygen which includes dissolved in water....

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