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Kong Yiji, Journal of a Madman by Lu Xun describe the misfortune that made by the outdated traditional Oriental civil exam to the low social ranking scholar, as well as the unconcerned and indifferent among human romance in a feudal society during monarchy period. Kong Yiji was a despaired scholar who was unable to go the city exam. He was " the only customer within a long gown (page 43)” in the bar. Everyone laughed at him pertaining to his failure on the examination. Although having been mentally injure, he continue to showed his arrogant and stubbornness to these uneducated persons. Like his long wedding dress, it was dirty and toned but Kong Yiji constantly wore that in the open public. It presents his self-pride because with no it, no one realized having been a scholar but simply knew that he was sluggish and pointless. Kong Yiji only concentrated on the catalogs and he was not able to agree to new tips. He stole books to see while told people that " the purloining of amounts cannot be measured as fraud (page 44)”. Kong YIji's concept was distorted because of the cruel approach to imperial examination and hidebound traditional education.

Nevertheless , Kong Yiji still a new kind individuality compared to different Chinese. He often provided the children " some of his bean (page 46)”. One the other side of the coin, non-e of others had felt misfortunate to get him because they just teased and insult him. Everyone seemed not to display any sympathy to Aged Kong, instead they applied salt in his wound by simply mocking his failure for the civil test. Even the narrator, a 12 years old son, was disrespectful to Kong Yiji. After Kong was caught by stealing, he was beaten and broke his leg. The manager only remembered that he even now owned 19 coppers and did not exhibit a shame to Kong. One day, Kong appeared in the bar once again, but this time, this individual wore " a raggedy old jacket (page 47)”. He had crawled his method to the club. The last pride of Kong was totally vanished. This individual did not defend himself while using classical Chinese language phrase as people chuckled at him. After that, Kong Yiji acquired never displayed in...

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