Essay upon Deviant Action Assignment

Devin Diaz

Sally Stablein

SOC 231. 470

1 February 2015

Deviance Assignment- Cuddles from a Stranger

A deviant work is one which challenges the social rules of contemporary society. According to Erikson, " Deviance can be not a property inherent in most forms of habit; it is a real estate conferred upon these forms by the audience which will directly or indirectly witnesses them” (Erikson, 1962, l. 308). An act of deviance is usually judged after and based on society. What one person sees as deviance does not mean that everyone else stocks the same perspective. Time is yet another contributing factor that weighs in at heavily on a society's definition of deviance. As time passes society's norms change and so a person's point of view of what is deviant can also be likely to alter. Nonetheless, a deviant act generates interest and this conventional paper will focus on the social norm of a person's personal space.

The deviant act I chose to experiment with was giving other people hugs. Naturally, I think the social usual in today's circumstance is that obtaining that close and physically touching an entire stranger is not appropriate. My try things out took place at a supermarket in the middle of the afternoon, whilst plenty of people were shopping. Ahead of hugging anyone I would obtain an overcome sense of nervousness and an concern that I was about to do something wrong, even though I was simply gonna give someone a hug. I had been able to work up enough valor to test this out 20 times and would hang on long enough among people in order that the next person would not end up being expecting whatever.

The reactions I received varied immensely, yet , it do seem like nervousness and an awkward sense was common for everyone. 2 times I did not actually get to basically hug the individual because these were quick to push me back again as I got into contact with. The different eighteen other people had fluctuating reactions including excited, mixed up, uncomfortable, and one lady even acquired relatively annoyed. My feelings remained consistently nervous and very...

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